"Alone a tree - together a forest"

We are fourteen students from Dresden, Germany. We are in the grades ten and eleven and visit the "Laborschule". Last year the grade eleven was in Agdz, Morocco, before and had a project there.

Photo by Fritzi Bentele
Photo by Fritzi Bentele
Photo by Fritzi Bentele

First of all we want to say thanks to "Eurasmus+  Jugendbegegnungen - Jugend in Aktion" which helped us to realized this amazing youth exchange and we are proud that we can say we are a part of "Eurasmus+ Youth in action"!

The short form:

We will form and join a youth exchange in Morocco. The name of the project is "Alone a tree - together a forest!". On february 5, 28 teenagers from Germany and Czech Republic will fly to Morocco. Our destination is a little city in central Morocco named Agdz. There we'll meet fourteen moroccan teenagers. Together we'll plant trees, develop a play, cook, eat, get to know eachother, speak and learn english a lot and do other great things!

The longer description:

In only one week we will fly with fourteen other students from Czech to Morocco. I think it will be great and we will also gain a lot of experience. So I´m looking forward to be in Morocco. On Thursday we will arrive in Agadir. There we will spend the day on the beach and we will also make our first plans. In the afternoon we want to start with our journey thought the land. Our first stop will be Taroudante that is a small city between Agdz and Agadir. After we have passed the night there our trip will continues in the morning and we will arrive in Agdz around lunchtime.

In Agdz we are going to spend 7 days from the 6th to the 12th of February and we will also stard with our project "Alone a tree - together a forest" were we will start with planting trees and so we will also contribute something to the environmental protection in the Lycee (like a high-school) in Agdz together with other young people from Morocco. This is a very important topic of sustainability. The special will be the soil which we will use. The name is "Terra Preta". It is a mixture of charcoal, human excrements, loam and effective microorganisms. The soil is a bio soil and a rare black soil, which was discovered in the Amazon basin. In Morocco a little group of students will prepare it by self to use it for planting trees. There are many advantages. For example the conservation of nature and it also spends some shadow for the students and for the inhabitants of Agdz.

So we will learn many about sustainability, but also something about dancing and of course get to know each other. Additionally we want to cook together some meals from every country. Finally we will all together train and work out a performance or a stage play.  So we get to know the other cultures.

On the 12. we will move to Timidarte a small town about 18km in the south where our partner association placed. We will continue our work till the 17. where we will start our way back to Europe. We will arrive Dresden on the 19. with a lot of new experiences, new friends and the knowledge about all the new cultures.

We want to say thanks...!

...for all those who supported us, for all the help that was provided and all the money which was donated to our project.

Without this support we would not be able to fulfill the journey to Morocco.

At first there is Verena Leuterer. She was the woman who donated the trees and spend sooooo much money.

Secondly we want to thank to all parents much who supported us with donating money as well, for example at the Christmas-presentation. They helped us to organize all those little things to prepare our journey.

In Morocco we intent to get around by bikes, to take them with us from Germany.
Because of this we searched for old bikes and we found them. Once we had enough bikes we had to repair them. At this point the garages of Inpunkto - Lebenshilfe Dresden e.V. with Mr. Manusch helped us. He showed us how to repair the bikes and what we need for it. Thanks for these tips and tricks. So we will be able to finally drive the bikes after we´ll had brought them there.

Special thanks goes at the organization “Eurasmus+-Youth in Action”,
which supported us financially. This is a great help to us!

But all this would mean nothing, if there weren´t Iris and Jörg.
They are our project-leader and they were always around when we needed help.
Iris and Jörg going to come with us to Morocco and continue their help to us. At least they are the ones who make this possible and we are glad to have them with us.

Thank you all!